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i recently noticed that Cyrus IMAP/POP3 does not seem to
support NIS..is there something special required by
the program to support it? i had thought the program just
asked the system somehow "is this password valid" and the
system told it yes or no..but it looks as if cyrus does the
authentication directly? i can login fine through ssh,
and replaced cyrus pop3 with qpopper just for a test and it
worked there too. all without entries in /etc/shadow 
and just 1 entry in /etc/passwd which tells nis to use
/bin/bash as my shell.

i had been testing for a few days with NIS but i guess i
didn't realize i had an entry for my account in /etc/shadow.
then i started playing with qpoppassd today and thats when
i noticed i could no longer login to cyrus. the mail.log
says the "user account doesn't exist". since i can login
to qpopper and ssh i just think it's not quering the NIS

running debian 2.2r2 with cyrus:
ii  cyrus-admin    1.5.19-2       Cyrus mail system (administration tool)
ii  cyrus-common   1.5.19-2       Cyrus mail system (common files)
ii  cyrus-imapd    1.5.19-2       Cyrus mail system (IMAP support)
ii  cyrus-pop3d    1.5.19-2       Cyrus mail system (POP3 support)

NIS would of been nice as we use it on a lot of other machines
(yes i know it's not secure, but NIS+ is not an option as many
of the unix platforms we develop on are too old to support it
out of the box, and we need to develop on out-of-the-box systems)

however the option of not using nis and also using poppassd is nice
too. so before i go ahead and just disable nis on this machine
i wanted to know if anyone else knew wether or not cyrus supported



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