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display flickering, mouse side to side locking up

when playing quake 3, or any other time with heavy video stuff going on,
x has a tendancy to start flicking, and in quake's case to cause the
mouse to only go up and down, and it doesn't allow side to side.

the display will go black until there is some mouse or keyboard input,
and even then it will flicker sporadicaly, and the only way it can be
fixed is by a reboot.

here's what i'm using.	 

XFree 4.02
nvidia .96 drivers
abit ka7
athlon slot a
geforce sdr

has anyone else had any problems like this?  and any possible solutions?

Forrest English

"I don't like this air, but that doesn't
mean I'm going to stop breathing."
-Doug Martsch

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