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Printer Problem

My printer was working perfectly. I rebuilt the kernel allowing autoprobe. Printer no longer responds even to

          cat lptest > /dev/lp0  where lptest is a small text file


          lp lptest

responds normally but nothing is printed and nothing is in the print que.

cat /proc/ioports shows the correct value (0378-037f) for parport0

cat /proc/parport/0/irq reports none (should be irq 7 but is this needed?)

Documentation/parport indicates that a lilo command parport=0x378,7 should work but /sbin/lilo rejects this line placed anywhere in lilo.conf. The documentation also implies that the irq value reported by cat/proc/parport/0/irq can be changed but I don't understand how.

It seems to me that everything is working normally but the printer is not receiving the transmission. The printcap file is unaltered and lp is directed to lp0.

Where is the missing link?

Tom George

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