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Re: Netscape 6 for Linux?

» D-Man said this and I say that:

> On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 01:46:29AM -0200, hzi wrote:
> | Hi-
> | 
> |     I read somewhere (actually, a Brazilian Linux magazine) that
> Netscape 6 demands 32.5Mb with just *one* page open!
> |     Pure bloatware. To be avoided.
> | 
> I don't know about this, but I am using Netscape 6 on my Win2k box at
> work right now.  It looks nice.  Hasn't crashed yet.  Doesn't seem to
> use more memory or cpu than I expected.  Is a bit slow sometimes.
> I like the new "modern" theme it comes with.

	I didn't try it yet but if it has some problems it wouldn't be
a surprise. It's netscape...

> |     Henry L.
> | 
> | ps: yes, this is from Outlook. Migrated from RH to Debian, and uh,
> RH was easier...

	RH is a nightmare. Debian is a dream... Some people get used
to the nightmare, and in the next night, when they go for the dream,
they think it is the nightmare...

> Have you ever tried mutt?  IMO it is the best MUA currently available.
> Ok, so it is curses based, no gui, but it works well through a
> telnet/ssh session and has excellent list support.

	The best working combination (which I use) is mutt +
procmail. Works pretty fine.


			francisco m. neto

		"Toke au kokoro ga, watashi o kowasu"
				-- Ayanami Rei

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