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Re:Russian porn: offtopic

You know, I'm sitting here using Microsoft Windows and Explorer.  (I do use linux,
but not for this system.)
And one of the things that makes me just a little bit paranoid about those things
is the question of whether there might be a new virus attached.  After all,
there is a huge list of viruses at McAfee, and most of them are first posted to
one or another list server.
And I know that they say -- if you don't open the attachments or link to the sites --
then you're pretty safe.  And in general that is correct.  But nonetheless, I
don't think that there is anyone sane who doesn't believe that Microsoft has
left themselves a back door to every system.  And such a back door can be
That is one of the things that I don't worry about nearly so much with
open-source software. 
Just a thought.

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