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Re: PIII & 2.4.0


Explains what's going on...

Oki DZ wrote:

> Viktor Rosenfeld wrote:
> > I still find it interesting, that his bogomips count has increased by
> > factor 2.
> Yes, me too. And in fact, I was pretty happy (at least for a while)...
> wow, I upgraded the kernel, and now my machine has doubled its power....
> > My bogomips count has always been the same on the same machine, regardless of whether I used a 2.0, 2.2, or now 2.4 series
> > kernel.  It has never changed it's value (apart from one or two 1/100)
> > on both an AMD and an Intel chip.
> I have no problem with a Pentium (I) machine (the one I use); 2.2.13,
> 2.4.0 work perfectly. I just recently noticed that on a P III Katmai,
> the bogomips number doubled. I don't know whether it would make any
> difference on a P III Coppermine; this one, using 2.2.13, works OK.



Rich Puhek
ETN Systems Inc.

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