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Re: email headers from 'russian porn'

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 08:02:19PM -0600, will trillich wrote:
> i didn't get any address spoofing. hmm...
> here's the headers i see -- ('h' in mutt)

Yes, you're seeing an 'exim oddity' :)

> 	From: "Lovely Johny" <John Lenon>

On most smtp servers, the above address would change.  SMTP insists that
the addresses be fully qualified, and sendmail and postfix (dunno about
qmail) will both canonicalize the address to themselves.

The logic is that if this were non-spam... and someone at debian had a
broken mail client, by fixing it, the debian server would actually make
it possible for the sender to get replies.  In all other cases, it
doesn't do any real -harm- to canonicalize the name.  Imagine where your
replies would go if it was left unchanged as in your case....  yep, to
your mail server, so there's no difference between leaving it
uncanonicalized and canonicalizing it.

So cleaning up the address is a Good Thing, at least as long as there
are broken clients out there.

Alas, when debian's server, being the first to handle it, doesn't
attempt to clean it up, everyone else's server will do it, which is why
everyone using postfix or sendmail (and maybe qmail...) sees their own
domain in it.

CueCat decoder .signature by Larry Wall:
#!/usr/bin/perl -n
printf "Serial: %s Type: %s Code: %s\n", map { tr/a-zA-Z0-9+-/ -_/; $_ = unpack
'u', chr(32 + length()*3/4) . $_; s/\0+$//; $_ ^= "C" x length; } /\.([^.]+)/g; 

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