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Re: ipchains -MASQ vs ipmasq package

On Thu, Feb 01, 2001 at 01:04:38AM -0600, hanasaki wrote:
> what is the difference?
> I installed ipmasq <apt-get install ipmasq> and my ipchains -L output
> changed.  Formatting was different and all ports listed "any" but were
> not setup that way.  Nor did they show that way with ipchains -L prior
> to installing ipmasq.

ipmasq utilizes ipchains (ipfwadm for slink).

to see the commands it uses, try

	ipmasq -d

the -d means 'display what you WOULD do, don't actually do anything'

it bases its rules on what it finds in /etc/network/interfaces
(or the output of ifconfig -- you can see for yourself by
looking at "pager `which ipmasq`")

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