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Downloading Debian CD Image

I'm trying to download the CD image from a FTP site.
I got the Pseudo-Image Kit Version 2.0 readme and
I followed the instruction on how to download the Pseudo-image cd.
It's to be mentioned that I'm doing the download and rsync on a Win98
machine and I did get the right Kit to get the files and sync them.
Where I get a problem is when I do the following

make-pseudo-image binary-i386-1.list
or any derived ftp of that site to get the image cd.
I get the following error on my Windows 98:

A required .DLL file, CYGWIN1.DLL, was not found.

Now I got the pseudo-image kit from Debian's website
and I got the binary-i386-1.list from
and did like the readme told me to do.

Anyone have an idea of what could cause this error?


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