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Re: No acceleratin in new X!

I'm pretty sure it's because glide3 is still in unstable.  To use
acceleration with X4 you need glide3.  I'm assuming you're running
testing, though.


On Wed, Jan 31, 2001 at 09:30:42PM -0800, Cameron Matheson wrote:
> Hey,
> I can't figure out my 3d here, I've had it working before, but after I formatted I've been having confusing problems with it.  I have no configuration, but I'm using the tdfx module with the 2.4 kernel (which I assume is working correctly).  When I start x with 'startx', it reports that it does find a voodoo 3 chipset.  Unfortunately, their is _no_ acceleration.  What could be wrong?
> Thanks
> Cameron Matheson

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