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Re: Re: NIS with shadow passwords

Ciao Richard Cobbe,

> department's NIS server on a Solaris box upstairs.  This works just fine
> with RH 6.2, so I'm guessing it'll be fine with potato, but confirmation
> before the install would be nice.
> Will that work?

I don't know if this may be usefull, but here there is the following
CLIENT Debian 2.2 with NIS

and it works.

sure it would be mutch better if NIS+ could be found under Debian too.

I'm not an expert, but outside the local network none can access in (I hope
;-) and inside none can sniff the net....

As soon as possible I will "upgrade" RH Server to Debian :-)))


Paolo Pedaletti, Como, ITALYa     www.fastflow.it/~paolop
paolop@matapp.unimib.it           ICQ: 4755831

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