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Re: Canon USB

Le mercredi 31 jan. 2001 à 09:36:12 +0100, Joris Lambrecht a écrit:
> Hi,
> I've recently aquired a Canon D660U USB Scanner wich works great, BUT not
> with Linux. I did not bother to check this because at the time i worked with
> Windows 2000 Professional. Does anyone know of an effort to support this or
> other _Canon_ USB Scanners in Linux ? Canon itself seems very reluctant to
> post ANY information on Linux Support :-(

We are stuck with unsupported hardware...
>From the man-page for the sane-project:
( http://www.mostang.com/sane/man/sane-canon.5.html)

" No parallel port and USB scanners are supported and there"
" are no plans to support them in the future."

> Also, this scanner does not show in USBView, it just reports an error on
> /proc/....

I have a N650U which reports OK with USBView, do you have another USB device
on your system and if so does it shows as it should?
> Feedback would be very much appreciated,
> Joris

Serge Delorme	<sdelorme@megacom.net>
Un autre utilisateur GNU/DEBIAN

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