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Re: Broken reverse DNS - after recent bind upgrade?

Bind upgrade to 8.2.3 also breaks some other things...namely it´s not as 
tolerant to sloppy configs like it´s predecessors.

>From one of my colleagues (anonymized, was on an internal mailing-list):

Seems to me that someone in Nominum/ISC finally chained himself to the
chair and rewrite the syntax parser from scratch. Now syntax checks are
stricter and zones are rejected due to things that didn't even produce a
warning in the previous versions.

One example is when people, trying to keep things in a "good looking"
fashion, use the syntax like:

@	SOA	ns.XXX.net.	hostmaster.XXX.net.

instead of (standardly recommended):

@	SOA	ns.XXX.net.	hostmaster.XXX.net.	(

Strictly speaking, the first way of writing is wrong: the brackets are
used to tell the server process to treat the next line as continuation
of the previous one. Following that recommendation, the latter form is
right - the open bracket should be in the first row.

We are not the only ones affected by this change in 8.2.3: many people
complained on the BIND mailing list last few days. Nominum statement
about those complaints are: "Please, follow the standards and don't
bother us with stupid questions".

JIC somebody besides me has gotten himself in there :/

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