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Fwd: File updates req'd for network(2nd try)

Trying again....  No response on first attempt, which is odd for
this list, so I'm sending again.  Any help is HUGELY appreciated.

----- Forwarded message from JD Kitch <adahma@gmx.net> -----
After considerable mucking around and a great deal of help from this
group some time back, I had connected a second PC to my Linux box
using a second NIC and a crossover cable.  And really all I did at
that time is add the second entry to my /etc/network/interfaces, and
setup the attached PC with an internal( IP address
pointing to eth1( as it's gateway. 

Now I have need to add another PC.  I added a 5 port hub, and now go
>from the second NIC in my Debian box out to the hub, and then from
there out to the other 2 PC's all using straight-through cables.  I
configured the PC's that I attached(both windows machines) the same
as before, but they don't see network connectivity.  Are there other
files that I need to change on my Debian setup to make this work
now?  I kind of assumed it would be no different, but that's
apparently not the case.  My exact setup is:
                                            /->Windows PC
cable modem -> (eth0)Debian box(eth1) -> Hub
                                            \->Windows PC

My /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo eth0 eth1

# The loopback interface
iface lo inet loopback

# The ethernet interface, configured by etherconf
iface eth0 inet static

iface eth1 inet static

I am also running ipchains and masquerading, but have no
restrictions on the local interface traffic.  The same ipchains
setup worked fine with the single PC attached via crossover.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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