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Hughes satellite modem?

I'm way out here in the boondocks (spelled Lithuania), and it's rather nice, but
internet is awfully expensive.  I've been thinking for the future 2-3 years, and
it occurred to me that Hughes offers a satellite modem setup (DirectWeb)
for super-fast downloads.  It is essentially similar to their DirectTV.  You have
your internet dialup connection, as usual.  However, the outgoing requests all
get routed to the Hughes center, which downloads items at super-high speed,
runs them up to their satellite, and back down to your own receiver dish.  Your
interpreter then decodes the information, and then releases it to your computer.
So instead of 2-way modem information, you pretty much have 1-way modem
information and 1-way satellite download. 
But of course, it requires special driver software. 
Does anyone know if this driver software has been developed for Linux?  Because
once you had such a satellite connection it would be -- though not trivial -- possible
to wire an entire building for internet with a Linux box being the distribution point. 
And then the costs per person would become trivial. 

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