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USB printing under kernel 2.4: how?

I've gotten a Epson Stylus Color 880 that hooked up straightforward under
windows connected to the USB port, but so far it is not working under Debian
with a 2.4 kernel. Per all the howtos I've read, I created the file
/dev/usb/lp0 using mknod, in /etc/printcap I put as the first entry:

lp0 :\

(I installed the debian apsfilter package.) And in my /etc/fstab I put:

  usbdevfs  /proc/bus/usb  usbdevfs  defaults  0  0

I try to print with the command

 $ lpr test.ps

but nothing happens. (It doesn't hang or anything: simply nothing happens, I
get another $ prompt.) What should I be trying that I haven't?

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