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Re: CVSup(it) for Debian?

i'm not familiar with cvsupit, but if you are just looking for CVS

apt-get install cvs

will get cvs installed and you can do all your normal cvs stuff.  I assume
this is what you mean by manual cvs.


On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, John Travis wrote:

> Hello Debianites :-).
> 	I've been too busy to track this list for a while, but I thought I
> get back into swing by asking a question for a friend of mine first.  They
> don't subscribe to the list, but I figured some of the gurus here could
> answer the question...
> _________
> Is there an app like (FreeBSD's) cvsupit for Debian? Or is manual CVS even
> possible?
> It would make things a whole lot easier for this 56Ker if he could just
> get the base delta and a couple of source trees rather than dl a whole
> ISO. 8*)  Any input or links to relevant information gratefully accepted.
> ------------------
> My experience with Free is limited (can't wait for 5 to go release though
> :), and I don't really have experience with cvsupit as I've been spoiled
> by my cable connection.  But if anyone here has any info/links/advice it
> would be appreciated.
> TIA,
> jt
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