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Re: ntpd not setting time

On Thu, 25 Jan 2001, brian moore wrote:

> On Wed, Jan 01, 1992 at 01:27:39AM -0600, hanasaki wrote:
> > it is serving the time fine to others but:
> > it wont set my server's time from another time server
> > 
> > I have entered "server... " lines into /etc/ntp.conf
> If your time is too far off, ntpd will not know whether to trust the
> remote sites or yours and will refuse to change the time.

Exact. In this case you should install the "ntpdate" package. It will be
run just before xntpd to set a correct time (not too far), then xntpd
will synchronize as usual. Don't forget to edit /etc/init.d/ntpdate
before attempting to run it.


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