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install ok?; 60Gig ATA100 HD

Hi, all...

Getting good feedback from you all; THANKS!  I've got
another question on my issue.  Brief recap:  I've got
a 60Gig drive that doesn't look to be the right size
to cfdisk, but I understand that newer versions of the
kernel (2.2.14, for example) calculate the size of 
large drives over 33.8Gig properly.

ok, so would I be ok, if I went ahead and installed
this machine from the debian CD I have (2.2.12 kernel),
only using part of the disk?  and then later get a 
newer kernel compiled to get access to the rest of 
my disk?

Is it that simple?  or will I have troubles using the
disk at all without this support for the big disk?

Thanks for any input!  :)


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