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Re: How to install a .deb from floppy???

DTi4565459@aol.com wrote:

> Until newbie can connect to net under linux, he
> is stuck with having to use win3.1 machine to download
> .deb's from debian.org.  But then, when puts floppy
> with .deb in linux machine, apt-get can't seem to
> understand simple directions.  Migrate to floppy,
> type apt-get install filename.deb and NOTHING
> happens.  There must be some way to do something
> this simple...  TIA  dave

You should use dpkg to install a single package, but if you insist to use
apt-get, you first need to update the source list, probably you can't do an
"apt-get update", because you haven't yet set your net access, but you could
manually copy the list files in the /var/state/apt/list directory, and after
this you could use "apt-get -o dir::cache::archives="/floppy" install
your_package" (you need to create a directory called "partial" in your

I think is quicker the dpkg option, anyway there is an interesting little manual
(/usr/share/doc/apt/offline.html) that describe how to update a Debian machine
without net access...


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