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Re: Why choose Debian?

> I am interested in why people prefer Debian to other Linux 
> distributions.  Please explain the top few reasons why you chose Debian 
> rather than something else.

I use it because of it's superior package maintenance system, the volume
of quality checked packages available, the free policy and of course the
stability. That said I currently use the unstable Debian, but it is
still stable.

My father decided to run Linux as he got tired of all the Windows
viruses. He do not know much about computers so in the end he was almost
afraid to turn the computer on because of all the warnings in the media.
So I decided that there will be no point in teaching him to install
Linux by himself and therefore I could use the best even though not the
easiest[*] to install distribution. I chose Debian even though I had only
used it a couple of months myself prior to this. The reason for doing
this is of course stability, but also ease of maintenance. My fathers
machine is physically 1000 kilometers from where I live so I had to have
a system that could upgrade packages without breaking the system. I have
earlier used RedHat and the RPM system, but since this has nothing that
even come near to apt, the choice was simple. For the few (3 I think it
was) packages I needed to install, but where only available (at the
time) as RPM, I simply used alien. There are many RPM packages out
there, but few are QC-ed like the debian packages.

To all the people working with the Debian distribution I want to express
a big Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

[*] Of course this is relative. I find Debian easier in many respect
compared to the other "even-your-mother-can-install-this" distributions.
Installing a distribution is something you don't have to do too often so
it is the maintenance that takes time. Luckily this is done by over 500
volunteers working on the Debian project.

Preben Randhol ---------------------- http://www.pvv.org/~randhol/ --
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| ! |  superiority of the male, except his superior muscle."
+---+      -- Bertrand Russell, Ideas That Have Harmed Mankind (1950)

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