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Re: emu10k1 module

On Mon, 15 Jan 2001, Benjamin Black wrote:
> > alias   sound-slot-1    emu10k1
> how do you figure this out?  i mean where exactly do you look to find 
> out what the standard aliases are for sound card, network card, video 
> card, tv card, etc?  where exactly did you read about sound-slot-0?


I know you would like to have an answer on your second question.
Me too ;-) Sorry, can only answer 1 & 3:

Leave the aliases out and have a look at your syslog about x-y-z not
found at the moment some program tries to load them. That's how i do
it. ;^)

I log everything to virtual console 12, so it can see it immediately,
with the (additional) line in /etc/syslog.conf:

*.*	/dev/tty12

(actually, to avoid clutter, it reads: *.*;cron.!=info;mark.!debug

Well, to at least give a little bit to Q 1 & 3, i just had a look at
the kernel source & doc (did they CLEAN that 2.4 source tree, man):
Documentation/modules.txt, Doc/soudn/introduction at least mention the
The definite source to the numbers will be the source - you will have
to grep it for them.

greetings, martin

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