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Re: Why choose Debian?

* I started off with Slackware in the early days.  It was very good.

* I got tired of compiling packages from *.tar.gz files. I'd heard all the hype about Red Hat and it's package management system and thought this is the way all systems should work. I installed it and was very impressed (initially). Backspace didn't work properly in xterms which pissed me off. I then tried installing some rpms off the Net. I needed other rpms due to dependencies. RedHat was becoming more and more commercially orientated. Argghhh !!!!

* I heard about Debian's amazing package management system. It worked out dependencies automatically and installed them automatically. This is surely better than RH. I installed it and was very confused by dselect. Once someone pointed me to apt-get then I was blown away. There is nothing that comes close to doing an "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade". RH apparently do have something similar but you have to pay for it. Bloody fools !!!

* Debian is the only OS that supports the platforms I use (Intel x86, PowerPC, m68k). You could run different distributions on different platforms but that does not make sense. Every distribution has a different way of doing things. I wan't simple clean administration. Debian allows me to learn system admin once for all platforms.

* Debian is the only OS I know that supports the GNU HURD. Although I don't have any real intention to use GNU HURD kernel (though I am curious), it was evidence enough for me that Debian was architectured properly so that even the kernel can be swapped in/out. There are a lot of clever and determined people involved with Debian.

* Debian is very honest and has no commercial biases.

Brendan Simon.

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