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Re: MUA Blues in X

Joris Lambrecht wrote:
> Well, it does make it clear to me that i will have to embrace console base
> mua's sooner then i think. Don't wanna go back to Win2K, thought it is
> tempting. Still, how HARD can it be to write something decent ? That does
> not require knowledge of compiler's to install and so on.

I was in ypur position a little while back with a dual boot finally just
to use Outlook. But I wanted asingle boot and the great features which
come with having an MTA so I bit the bullet and researched what was out
there. The general opinion was that Mutt was the best so I installed, no
compiling, and grabbed as many of the setup (.muttrc files) I could
fine. It took a good couple of days of fiddling around and and lot's of
questions, but I got up and running fairly painlessly and haven't
regretted it. Once you get used to Mutt it is far superior to Outlook
and you can get very fast on it. My two cents worth is put in the time
and you won't be sorry.
> Okay, maybe a little sooner but this is getting to me, how on earth is linux
> going to rival with any Desktop-OS if it lacks these basic things. Good

True. But while desktop systems such as KDE and Gnome are trying to
rival Windows functionality, I don't think Linux itself is, nor should
it. And there's the rub.

> Technology but very weak user-focused developments Browsers, same story. You

Bowsers is my one complaint :). Ie is still betetr than anything on
Linux. But there's a couple projects coming along that look promising so
I don't know if that will the case for long.

> It's a problem with a lot of the X app's i've seen, the menu's slide down
> instead of popping up.

> Still, i like X AND Linux big time.

Good. That makes two of us. I think there's a few more on this list...


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