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Re: Installing Debian on PowerEdge 4300 with PERC 2 (Megaraid) controller (Partial Success)

Hi all,
    thanks for responding people. I did eventually get it to install and work
right... kinda. I reconfigured that raid controller to raid 0 and it works like a
charm. The downside is I lost all redunancy and oviously this cannot be used as a
production server. To get it working I used the 2.2.18 kernel that I used before,
that would produce the timeouts and changed the raid level to 0. Next I'm going to
try the redhat kernel reconfiguring as raid 5.
To Tom: could you send me the driver please? If it arrives in time I'll try that
too, but don't make this a priority as its a beta and I can't trust it in
production situations and this is a personal project. I'll try to report what
    Corrections and additions to original post:
Server has 192 MB RAM
Raid Controller has bios version 1.47 and firmware revision Uc77


tom@tomd.org wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 11, 2001 at 02:15:49PM -0400, Bill Cooper wrote:
> > Hello,
> >     has anyone sucessfully installed Potato on a Dell PowerEdge 4300
> > with the PERC 2/SC controller? I have tried to install it a few times
> > now, first with the Potato 2.2r2 standard rescue disk, but it pauses
> > indefinitely after detecting the PERC 2 (AMI) controller. Next I tried
> > using the standard rescue disk with a 2.2.18 kernel rebuilt with support
> > for the megaraid controller. This works up to the point where the file
> > system is written to the drive when the kernel reports controller
> > timeout errors and the install aborts.
> I had similar problems with our PowerEdge 1300 and 2.2.18.  After searching the
> kernel mailing lists I found out there there is a known issue with the megaraid
> driver that ships with 2.2.18.  I emailed the folks at AMI, and they sent me
> a beta driver that supposedly works with 2.2.x and 2.4.x.  So far it hasn't
> worked for me, but they tell me it works for them, and that I need to update
> my firmware.  Your other option is to build a kernel with the driver from
> 2.2.17 - all you need to do is copy over the megaraid.[ch].
> Email me if you want the new driver - it's at work, or I'd send it to you now.
> HTH -
> Tom
> tom@tomd.org
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