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Re: Getting Gnome desktop on woody

on Fri, Jan 12, 2001 at 01:43:37PM -0800, Steve R. Hastings (steve@hastings.org) wrote:
> Hello.  I am a brand-new Debian user.  I have another computer running 
> Mandrake with the full Helix Gnome installed.  (These days it's Ximian 
> Gnome but I haven't updated in a while.)
> I'd like to get my Debian system running the same desktop environment as 
> my Mandrake computer.  But my understanding is that it would be better 
> to use Debian packages rather than Ximian packages.
> As far as I can tell I have all the Gnome stuff, including control 
> center, installed.  But I don't know how to get things set up the way I 
> want them.
> 0) I am used to Sawfish.  What apt-get commands can I use to get it?

    $ apt-get install sawfish

> 1) How do I enable the Gnome desktop?  I want the "foot" menu, the 
> panel, applets, etc.

    $ echo "exec gnome-session" > ~/.xinitrc

> P.S. Not a Gnome question, but my X display is in a display mode that 
> refreshes at only 60Hz.  I'd like to set it up to 90Hz, which my monitor 
> will handle.  I'm using Xfree86 4.0.2 running on top of a woody system.  
> I already edited the XF86Config-4 file to tell it what ranges of 
> scanning rates my monitor can handle.  Not only do I not know how to set 
> it the way I want it, but Ctrl+Alt+Numpad+ doesn't do anything, so I 
> can't even fix it manually.

Not sure of this one, still using XF86 v3 myself.  I believe dexter is
the v4 config utility.  Mess with it and look at your vid modes.


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