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Re: OT: logname?

To quote "Christopher W. Aiken" <cwaiken@telerama.com>,
# Slightly off topic.  There is a utility, /usr/bin/logname
# that returns the "login name" of the user.  The problem is:
# 1)  in xterm, Eterm, kterm logname works OK
# 2)  in gnome-terminal and kconsol logname always returns
#     "logname: no login name"
# Why doesn't "logname" work correctly all of the time?
# We have an application what depends on the "logname"
# function to return the correct value.  If a user installs
# Gnome or KDE the activity bar at the bottom has a "gnome-terminal"
# or "kconsol" by default.  If they use those Icons to open up a
# work space, logname will not work.  We shouldn't have to instruct
# our customers to setup an xterm, Eterm, of kterm just so that the
# logname function will work.
# Any ideas?

Well, I've got a WORKSFORME first; in gnome-terminal, 'logname' works
perfectly. However, I do see the error in Konsole. I'm using stock
Debian packages, through and through. No Helix or anything else(running

I don't know what the problem is, but $USER works too. Also, the source
for both the trouble emulators is available.


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