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Re: mail client

pine lives in the nonfree because they aren't allowed to distribute
modified source code.  So they distribute pine and a cool wrapper dealie
that does it on your box.  Personally, I use mutt at home...it is very nice
and it is configurable to use pine-like keybindings so your fingers don't
freak out on you.  It is also super for reading happy mailing list for this
one cuz everything is threaded right there for you, unless you don't want
it to be.  Check out mutt.org for dotfiles and lists and stuff.


Casey Webster writes:

> Hello,
>   I've noticed debian doesnt distribute pine on its package mirrors, and
> as i've only really used pine under unix for mail, what mail clients do
> you guys use, so i can check them out.
> thanks
> -casey
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