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Re: Problems Opening text programs in X . . .

I don't use fvwm, so the menu may be different, but it sounds like your
/etc/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator symlink is still pointing to
wterm.  You just need to remove it and create another
x-terminal-emulator symlink pointing to xterm. 


On Mon, Jan 08, 2001 at 08:31:19AM -0600, bryan@bryansweb.com wrote:
> Hello to the list,
> 	I have a bizarre problem that began a few days ago, nothing serious,
> but just something that is bugging me.  A few days ago, I installed wterm and
> removed xterm.  No problem, everything was working fine.  But then, I
> reinstalled xterm and removed wterm, and this is where my problems began.
> Now, none of my programs that require an x-shell will start from my Debian
> menu.
> 	In other words, I can open an xterm and type mutt, top, etc. and
> those programs will run fine.  But I can no longer select those items from a
> Debian menu in X.  I see them listed in the menu, but when I click on them,
> nothing happens.  Now, here is the clincher: if I reinstall the wterm
> package, everything in the menu resumes working.  It seems that somewhere,
> these items are needing wterm to run from the menu.
> The details:
> I am running fvwm window manager on a woody box.
> Here is what my /usr/lib/menu/mutt says:
> ?package(mutt):needs="text" section="Apps/Net"\
>   title="Mutt"\
>   command="/usr/bin/mutt"
> Any help would be appreciated in helping me to fix this.
> Thanks,
> Bryan Walton
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