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Re: Package problems

To quote Thibaut Cousin <cousin@in2p3.fr>,
# 1) Konqueror depends on lesstif. Is it normal ? I don't see where
lesstif is 
# used...

In order to support Netscape plugins, KDE has to use Motif/Lesstif.

# 2) Bramhs can only be used by root because of a /dev/rtc: permission
# Can the permissions be changed, or at least a warning be given during 
# installation ?

You can always change the permissions on a device :) I don't know why
Bramhs uses the real-time clock, but oh well.

# 3) kFilereplace compiles correctly (for debian-source package) but I
get an 
# error during install :

Dunno bout that one :)


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