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Re: [2.4.0] migration to devfs

Ethan Benson <erbenson@alaska.net> writes:

> very funny, im sure you would like it if someone FORCED you to use
> *only* KDE or *only* gnome.  the Free software movement is about
> freedom and choices and *options*  i should have the *option* to turn
> that `feature' off.  
> don't force your preferences on others.  you like devfs use it, don't
> force me to do the same.  

> as soon as there is no longer any choices or options in GNU/Linux is
> it no better for me then Windows.  

Hey, than Linux is no better then Windows. Did you know that they changed the
way the caching and the VM works? And the worst: They let you no choice to use
the old system! How could they do without asking you! These bad guys!

Until the next mail...,

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