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Re: Packaging Policy.

> You are right about this.  My point was that taking over a package and
> calling it official without the maintainer's knowledge is not very
> nice.  Since Corey is probably not about to do this, it was probably
> not the best language to use.

Correct, I'm sure as hell not about to do that :) But I was thinking along
the lines of saying "look, here's an unofficial .deb of fetchmail since it
appears to be a tad outdated, and I've had considerable problems with
the existing one which appear to be resolved in a later version."

Note that, at this stage, I haven't tried contacting the current
maintainer, nor have I done anything in regards to debbing unofficially
any package. I am a programmer by profession though (admittedly on the
"other" OS since that equals $$ and that pays my rent, but with
experience in c/c++) so its not just an idle thought.

What I was looking at was if I did follow through with my idea, if it was
gonna create ill-will anywhere I'd let the thought slide.

Corey Popelier.

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