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Re: Parallel Printer Port Problem


* Jo Geraerts <jo.geraerts@tijd.com> [010106 18:41]:
> On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, David Reviejo wrote:
> > > I chmod 0666 /dev/lp0 and it worked without su.
> > Don't do this. The /dev/lp? devices are 0660 by default, with group
> > "lp"; you only need to add the user who need to use the printer
> > to the "lp" group (this work too for another devices: group "floppy" for
> > floppys, "dialout" for serial, ...).
> I you don't even have to add the user to the lp group, lpr is normally
> setuid root. The user don't has to access the lp port, lpr does.

You are right, for normal printer use with lpr.

My advice was to not chmod /dev/lp0 to 666 if you want direct access to
the device for some non-root user (like doing echo or cat to /dev/lp0).


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