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tekram dc-390/t SCSI adapter


I am trying to install Debian 2.2 on my hp c3010 harddrive using a tekram
dc-390/t SCSI adapter.
if I use the 1.44 boot disk images (linux 2.2.18) i allways get an error
"invalid command interrupt... kernel panic no recovery".

However i have discovered that ftp.tekram.com had boot disk images for me
(rescue, driver) but these images are release 2.1
I have a 2.1 CD ROM but do not wish to go through the pain and agony of
upgrading to 2.2r2 via a 28.8 ISP connection.

How can i suppress the detection of the AM53C974 chip. (this driver gives
the error).
I want to use the TMSCSIM SCSI driver because this one is the one being
used on the tekram rescue boot disk.

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