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Re: Packages

At Wed, 3 Jan 2001 09:07:39 -0200,
Antonio A. Lobato <tom@splicenet.com.br> wrote:
>   Due problems accordant my lasts mail`s, I just win to install packages
> manualy: downloading from internet to my windows partition and installing
> it from my hard disk ( ! ).
>   My problem is being to find the dependences packages. To install the the
> package "Afterstep", I need 7 dependes packages, but I don`t find three:
> libxpm4, libz1, xlib6g. 
>   Does anybody knows how find it ?

The usefulness of the Debian website simply cannot be overstated.
Go to 'http://packages.debian.org/stable/x11/afterstep.html' and
you will get a listing of all packages Afterstep depends on, as
well as recommended and suggested packages. You even get links
to the download pages for those packages.


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