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Re: Where is libblacs-pvm.so ???

To quote "Christopher W. Aiken" <cwaiken@telerama.com>,
# I just installed Debian 2.2_r2 and chose some
# packages from the "simple" setup.  I got a lot
# of the same errors reported during the package
# configuration step.  "ldconfig" also reports
# the same error.
# The error indicates that /usr/lib/libblacs-pvm.so
# is not available.  Sure enough libblacs-pvm.so is
# a symb link to libblacs-pvm.so.1 and libblacs-pvm.so.1
# is not available.
# Does anyone know where libblacs-pvm.so is?  What it is
# used for?

Hmm... For what it's worth, I have a fully functioning Sid(unstable)
Debian setup running, and I don't have this file. I don't think it's
something to do with compiling - I compile lots of apps and I got all my
development packages a while ago - and libblacs-pvm.so wasn't one of


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