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Re: ASUS A7V problem


I´ve the same board installed.
You just can boot either Windows or from your Debian CDs. In windows use
the Systeminformation programm (win98) to finds out the E/A and IRQ Values
the controller uses. The same things can be looked up under Linux ind the
/proc/pci file, which i find is more clear to see. I use the biggest  and the
third biggest E/A numbers. When you have got these numbers you type into the
linux boot prompt:
linux ide2=0x<value>, 0x<value>, <IRQvalue>
(at my system linux ide2=0x8800, 0x8000, 10)
after that the kernel should be able to find the hdd. You can append this
line to your lilo.conf.
Take care with new PnP devices. I installed a new soundcard after linux
was running, and the E/A values of the Promise controller had been changed,
and i couldn´t boot linux again until deinstalling the card, booting linux,
disabling or changing the append line in lilo.conf and booting with the new


> onboard Promise ATA-100 controller. Now I can't install Debian, because
> it
> isn't find any hard disk, it isn't find the controller (Windows reads it
> as
> SCSI-controller).
> Thanks,
> Sipi

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