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Re: How to use Exim with GMX and other quests

On Sun, Dec 31, 2000 at 10:51:01PM +0100, Michael Steiner wrote:
> Raffaele Sandrini wrote:
> > 
> > Hi all
> > 
> > I have some Exim questions. I comming from a SuSE system wich uses
> > Sendmail so i have very little knoledge about exim. First of all: I use
> > Kmail to get my mail via POP3. I use a relay, mail.gmx.ch, for outgoing
> > mail so i chose option 3 in eximconfig. If i try to send a local email
> > (via Kmail) i.e to me@myhost.mydomain.ch then exim doesn't send anything.
> > If i type sendmail -bp i get the mail in the queue... How can i say exim
> > to deliver the mail.?
> > Secnd problem. GMX uses the today non-standard to login via SMTP
> > (RFC-2554) as lots of cliants can do that. Is it possible to give exim a
> > username and a password to login in the smarthost?
> > 
> > General question: Is better to use sendmail than exim i thought to use
> > exim because the debian developpers would have thought something before
> > they decided to use it apart of sendmail...
> > Thanks a lot.
> > 
> If you have experience with sendmail and you know how to handly it use
> your sendmail knowledge. There is no reason to change to exim. Help you
> can find best at comp.mail.sendmail group. Lets see the other answers,
> maybe I will change to sendmail too ?
Maybe you can tell me how to configure sendmail to use smtp-auth
with gmx? I used smtp-after-pop so far, but this has been a major
PITA. My bat book doesn't mention smtp-auth.

In every non-trivial program there is at least one bug.

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