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Re: potato_install

Antonio Alberto Lobato wrote:
> I`m tryieng to install the potato with a CDROM debian. But, when I`m going
> to install the "Kernel and Modules", the "dbootstrap" does not take-me the
> option of install it with the CDROM, only: "fd0", "fd1", "hard disk" and
> "mounted". Is it not recognizing my CDROM. Detail: my CDROM reader is very
> old. It`s a Creative SB 2x (Panassonic).
When the rescue disk is loading, does the boot kernel find the cdrom? It
should show up if the bios is finding it. If so then you should be able
to mount the cdrom as /dev/hdc for this purpose (providing you only have
1 hard disk). 
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