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printtool for Epson Stylus Color 400(UP)

Current printtool in woody has bugs when it was moved from RH 
to debian.

Follow my bug report to fix it so it will function with
uniprinter drivers if you need EPSON(UP).  
(look for www.debian.org)

When I made the original patch in RH for uniprint, I bothered to 
check existance of few critical files.  Debian porter  
broke my code when he changed directory structure.
Osamu Aoki

PS: Even after my TCL patch is accepted in RH distribution, 
I still do not understand TCL well.  printtool was my first and 
my last TCL program.

On Fri, Dec 22, 2000 at 08:09:11AM -0500, D-Man wrote:
> What is the mechanism for setting up a printer on Debian?  I installed
> Debian recently but haven't had the time to configure it yet (so I'm
> still using RH).  In RH I run printtool as root and it handles the
> details of printer config.  It lists filters for Epson printers "Epson
> Sylus 800 & ESC/P 2 printers" and "Epson Stylus Color (UP)".  If
> either of these are close enough to your printer I could set it up on
> my system and send you the config files. (it might help you figure
> what you need on your system for it to work)

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