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A very strange X problem


I have a very stange problem with xf 4.0.x. Now and then X seems to crash in
some strange way. The screen stops updating, the keyboard doesn't work, the
only thing I can do is to hit the power-button and reboot.

This has happend with all versions of xf 4.0.x, under both redhat 6.2/7.0,
slackware 7.1 and debian (woody).

It always happend when draging the mouse around holding one button pressed
down, in all types of programs (netscape, gqview, the windowmanager etc).

I first thought that it was a problem with the windowmanager I user
(enlightenment), but it also happends in windowmaker and fvwm2.

I have no clue why this is happening, I hope someone out there has.

/ Joel

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