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Removal from list

Hi all,

I read a few weeks back the many attempts the Professor had made to be removed from this list and through his final frustrations he GOT a little mad. Anyway, I am leaving the country for 3 weeks tomorrow and felt it was better to unsubscribe rather than come back to 3 thousand plus emails. So
following the instructions provided at the bottom of the debian email:
To UNSUBSCRIBE, email to debian-user-request@lists.debian.org
with a subject of "unsubscribe".

I did just that.  But oh dear here is the reply:

You have not been removed, I couldn't find your name on the list.
What I did find were the following approximate matches:
1121 eileen@orbell.com 32752 eileen@orbell.com
1121 eileen@orbell.com 25797 eileen@orbell.net

But wait those are my email address's hmmmm Confused ?  Yes I am...

Eileen Orbell
Software & Internet Applications
Capitol College
This is Linux Country. On a quiet night you can hear Windows 98 reboot!"

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