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Re: not all packages showing up with "dpkg -l"?

Lazar Fleysher <fleysher@chudo.lanl.gov> wrote:
>>     Maciej> Let me explain: of recent, I've noticed that for certain
>>     Maciej> (few) packages if I do "dpkg -l foo" and it produces no
>>     Maciej> matches/output, a subsequent "apt-get install foo" *WILL*
>>     Maciej> find and install the desired package.  So if this package
>>     Maciej> exists, why isn't it listed in "dpkg -l foo"???
>Maybe it is because the name of the package is foo_16a, not foo 

If you mean the version number, that isn't part of the package name, and
neither 'dpkg -l' nor apt-get thinks of it as such.

Colin Watson                                     [cjw44@flatline.org.uk]

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