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Re: mysql-server broken

sena <sena@decoy.ath.cx> writes:

> > This is a known bug. There are two ways to solve it:
> > 	- Up/Downgrade to mysql-server 3.23.28-6 (which is working) or
> > 	- Edit /etc/mysql/my.cnf and comment this line:
> > 		skip-networking
> > 	  ...it shouldn't segfault now...
> > 
> Oops.. :) I checked now... 3.23.28-6 is not working after all... But if you
> comment the "skip-networking" line it shouldn't segfault...

Thanks, but it is still seg-faulting. :-(

Actually, the postinst doesn't go through and even calling mysqld
--skip-grant does seg-fault.

And I was wondering why it was working before, but no longer since
upgrade to -7. Anything else to consider on my side? (like, libdb2 or

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