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Re: Manpages

Chris  <hax@lwginc.com> writes:
Chris> I am new to Debian.
Chris> I have installed the base system.

Umm, you kind of need to install the rest of the system.  The base
system contains a minimal set of packages, such that (a) it can fit on 
a sane number of floppies and (b) you can install the rest of the
system with it.  I'd recommend starting 'dselect', using the APT
source with either your CDs (if you have CDs) or a normal Debian
mirror, and installing at least all of the standard priority packages.

Chris> From here I want to learn and am told the manpages are a good start.
Chris> When I type:
Chris> 	man apt-get
Chris> for example, the system replies that Bash does not know what man is.
Chris> Do I have to install the manpages?

No, you need to install man itself.  It's in the man-db package.

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