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Re: missing /dev/hda2

Type 'cfdisk /dev/hda' and see if the partition's there. If it is, you can
mount it with the device name and if it isn't, you can make a new partition.
Maybe the second partition was st up as a logical partition, in which case
it should be /dev/hda5.

Seung-woo Nam

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Subject: missing /dev/hda2

> Hey Debianers,
> I have a question about a partition of my hard drive that I can't seem to
> locate. When I set this machine up, I set up a 10 gig drive to have
> /dev/hda1 with 7 gigs and set the rest aside for another partition (can't
> remember why I did this, but I did... I don't think I could get all 10
> gigs in one partition) at any rate, I am quickly running out of space on
> the 7 gig partition and I can't seem to find a way to mount my second
> partition. Is there something I can run to see which device (if any) the
> other 3 gigs are on, or is there something I can do to put that space on a
> device (mount point) ?
> Thanks!
> D. Ghost
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