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Mutt & mailboxes / mail.log filter

Is there a way for Mutt to display how many messages are in certain
mailboxes?  Say if I choose 3-4 that I want to monitor as procmail
filters mail into them?

I have gkrellm set up to watch my inbox and I don't want to add the
other boxes to gkrellm, but if Mutt could give me a listing
somewhere on it's status line that would be cool.

Also, are there any good monitoring tools (perl or C?) that grep
thru the mail.log (to replace a 'tail -f /var/log/mail.log) and
output a more human readable account of what's going on?  I've seen
screenshots of nicely formatted mail logs where it's easily
discernable what messages are coming in and from who.  Haven't been
able to find too much, though.


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