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Debian checks filesystems at every boot


I just got a new computer and installed Debian on it (ofcourse :-).
The installation uses 2 partitions, 1 of 5GB and 1 of 15GB (hey I have
to do something with all that diskspace don't I :-).  I did the same
install as I always did starting from the Debian 2.2 cd's. However
with the new PC every time I boot Linux will complain the filesystems
weren't properly unmounted and will do a full check of the filesystems.
I do ofcourse always make sure to turn off the machine by typing "halt".
I even tried adding an explicit "sync" to /etc/init.d/umountfs but
that doesn't seem to help either. I even had to boot single user once
to do a manual fsck. Any ideas what might be wrong?

Thanks in advance,


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