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IP problems with 2.4.0-test12

    I'm using 2.4.0-test12-pre7 (compiled it on my own, not through a
.deb) and I've encountered a very strange problem.  There are certain
websites that my system now refuses to connect to.  I know that these
sites are up because other systems can connect to them.  And I can
even ping these same sites from my machine!  However, HTTP connections
seem to go nowhere.  Examples of these are:

bank.netbank.com (but www.netbank.com works!)

Again, the vast majority of websites work just fine, but the ones
above, even though I can ping them and even though they answer HTTP
requests from other machines do not seem to work from mine.  Has
anyone seen this problem before?  Is there anything unique about these
sites that differentiates them from others?  Is there maybe something
I need to do with netfilter, iptables, IPv6 or something like that?
This is the most bizarre problem I've ever encountered and it's
terribly frustrating (partly because Netscape hangs and has to be kill
-9'd every time I try to access one of those sites).  Oh, and lynx, as
well as telnetting to port 80 on those sites doesn't work either.  I
even tried removing hosts.allow and hosts.deny to no effect.  What

Thanks for any help and please cc me on your responses!


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