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Re: CD-RW information

>>>>> "NV" == Norbert Veber <nveber@primusolutions.net> writes:
    NV>  Hi, Can someone point me to information about supported CD
    NV> burners in linux?  I've finelly decided to go out and buy one,
    NV> but I have no idea which one would work well.  Also, what
    NV> software do you recommend for cd writing?

Check out the CD-Writing HOWTO. It contains answers to most of your
questions. The HOWTO can be found at:


My new desktop system has a Yamaha 2100E CD-RW. This burner has an 8Mb
Buffer Cache and its speeds are: 16x Write, 10x Rewrite, 40x Read. This
is one of the fastest IDE burners available on the market, and its made
by Yamaha so quality is second to none. If you can afford to spend some
extra $$$, the Yamaha 2100E IDE burner is definitely a good choice.

Its fully supported in Linux even though the CD-Writing HOWTO doesn't
specifically list this model on its list of supported burners, but then
the Yamaha 2100E is a new model.

I have used XCdRoast (woody version) to burn almost 15 CDs (CD-Rs) since
I got the system and so far have gotten no coasters.

The Yamaha 2100E burner is excellent, and I find XCdRoast (woody
version) to be excellent program to burn CDs.

BTW, Plextor burners (IDE and SCSI) are also very good. If you are
looking for a SCSI burner, then Plextor makes very good (but expensive)

Also, the CD-Writing HOWTO includes instructions on howto configure your
kernel to setup a burner.


Salman Ahmed
ssahmed AT pathcom DOT com

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